Strike Action Thursday 6th February – Msg to students

LSHTM UCU Message to students.

I’m afraid I have to tell you that as the university employers have refused to return to negotiations about our pay/conditions all 3 staff unions will be taking a whole day of strike action on Thursday 6th February. We regret having to take this action as it will mean much of the School will be closed and many classes will be cancelled. We will again lose a day’s pay but sadly our employers have given us no choice.

When striking we refuse to work, hopefully closing the institution and allow those affected to demonstrate support for the action. On the day we will form picket lines at the main entrances. These will be made up of staff on strike who will ask you not to enter the buildings. They will have leaflets that explain why we are on strike and we ask you to show support by not entering the buildings, even for self study. If you need to meet colleagues please do so outside at one of the many coffee shops nearby, the British Library or British Museum. Take anything you need Wednesday evening when you leave. If you would like to, please do join us on the picket lines.

I apologise again but this form of action is the only one, short of refusing to mark your work, that we can take legally in the UK. If you want to know more about the strike please see:

Dan Arthur
UCU Branch Secretary
Twitter @lshtmUCU

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