Get Help

If you are having a problem at work you should raise it with the union as soon as possible. Even if the issue seems trivial, or you think you have identified a potential problem in the future. Often another perspective, or just talking to someone who isn’t involved, can present solutions. Any problems are most easily and often successfully if they are dealt with as early as possible before they become major. This cannot be emphasized enough. If you are at the end of your tether, it can be too late to resolve the issue completely and can result in protracted resolution processes and often unsatisfactory results. We can only really help if you are a member so please join before contacting the rep (click here to join online).

Who to contact.

If members have an issue they should contact their Departmental Rep initially (look on the Branch Committee page). They will help if they can, though it may be necessary to discuss the issues without revealing your identity if requested with other reps or one of the branch caseworkers.

To get full representation you must have membership of longer than 90 days.

If appropriate and your membership is longer than 90 days you may be referred to one of the branch caseworkers who will accompany you to meetings if required and give further advice if necessary.